Business without in-house IT in London

If you do not have your own IT department, Reflective IT can fulfill that role. The burden of IT complaints often falls on a single person in an office without an IT department, taking time and concentration away from their primary role. Many times, we’ve taken over from such an over-burdened individual, much to their relief!

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Our staff are exceptionally friendly, and quickly establish a good working relationship with our customers. This makes the whole transition to outsourced IT much easier, and with our cutting edge tools and utilities, you only spend a fraction of what a dedicated technical member of the team would cost.

Types of services you may require:

  • Consultancy to define your existing needs and ongoing requirements
  • Hardware purchasing
  • Internet maintained and potentially reviewed
  • Network maintained and potentially reviewed
  • Telephone maintained and potentially reviewed
  • Email maintained and potentially reviewed
  • Back up maintained and potentially reviewed
  • Cloud Services

"I like that I can leave the IT in their hands, and just get on with running my business, safe in the knowledge it's all being looked after and everything works."