Assume your network will be breached.

A security breach destroys a business’s reputation, causes loss of revenue and is now subject to heavy fines with GDPR laws from 2018.

Cyber criminals are now using far more intelligent methods than only a year ago. Malicious emails are no longer filled with spelling and grammatical errors, they appear to come from your own internal management team, they take advantage of published company data. They are not satisfied with infecting your systems to break them, they will now attempt to stay undetected in order to glean as much information as possible on invoices or fund transfers.

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In partnership with leading cyber security firms, Reflective IT have developed a complete range of services in order to provide the complete solution to a business’s IT security needs. There is no silver bullet to ensure that your business is safe from threats, however regulators can be satisfied that when a breach occurs, and if there is any data stolen, that the organisation has done everything to ensure the risk was as low as possible.

We provide, guide, manage and drive: Managed Antivirus, Managed backups, penetration testing, advanced email security, vulnerability assessments, managed security patching of computers, DNS security, website filtering, end user testing and training, cyber security essentials program, the road to ISO27001, GDPR self-assessment and gap analysis.

  • Fully Managed Security
  • Full Security Product Suite
  • Security Accreditation Path
  • EU GDPR Advise
  • Board Level advice
  • Penetration Testing

Now is the time to engage in a full cyber security assessment to ensure that your organisation has carried out due dilligence. We can help if you are a small firm with no IT department, or have an in- house IT department, but without the capacity to manage organisation wide security compliance effectively.

To find out more or to speak to a specialist please give us a call on 0207 317 4535 or fill in a contact form and one of our team members will be in contact.

"Impending EU regulation made us take seriously what we always should have been doing, and what Reflective IT had been highlighting to us."