As part of our customer management, we carry out regular reviews which includes a system performance review.

This helps quickly identify computers that are out of date or in need of an upgrade or a whole system refresh.

Working together with the clients management team, we will quickly identify key workers or systems that will show the most return with an upgraded system, or we can pinpoint issues that could cause imminent problems which need to be addressed urgently.

It is recommended that any new customers have a complete hardware audit, so that we are able to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations highlighted as low, medium and critical for the management team to make good business decisions.

Based on these results, we can put together a seamless and pain free project plan to migrate your whole network onto a brand new solution to get the cogs of your business turning again.

The great part is, that we’ve done this many, many times. Your network upgrade is in safe hands, and correctly managed, downtime can be kept to the very minimum.

  • Full system audit identifies any pain points that need to be addressed
  • User disruption kept to an absolute minimum
  • In office hours or out of office hours to fit around your needs
  • An IT road map to plan changes and upgrades to your infrastructure

‘The guys managed our migration to Office 365 seamlessly, there was no downtime at all and the communication was exceptional’