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Homeground was founded in 2010 to work on behalf of institutional landlords of residential properties in facilitating transactions relating to leaseholders, in particular the collection of ground rents and dealing with the associated leasehold matters.

The General Manager said: “Initially Homeground was just a team of 3 people but with a short timeline of significant investment into the portfolio and increased demand from leaseholders we knew we needed the support of Reflective to ensure we could offer an efficient and robust service as we ramped up the team and IT infrastructure to support the business.”

Today Homeground directly and indirectly manages over 150,000 residential units across a handful of investors with a primary audience of leaseholders wishing to pay their ground rent or obtain documentation or information regarding their lease. Homeground is seen as an industry leader in providing digital services to both leaseholders and 3 rd party service providers.

Client issues:
In October 2015 after 5 years of operating, the board at Homeground were alerted to the well-publicised Talk Talk data breach which resulted in a significant fine and damage to the company’s reputation.

The General Manager added: “We manage a lot of legal data and financial information so we couldn’t afford for our data to be at risk.”

Our Solution:
As a result, Reflective were asked to carry out a full security audit and worked closely with Cisco security partners to carry out penetration testing to provide a list of traffic lighted network vulnerabilities, and implemented the recommended changes. They now carry out an annual audit and penetration test to ensure Homeground remain fully secure.

Reflective IT’s Managing Director said: Homeground have incredibly busy periods particularly around invoicing. There simply isn’t any room for downtime and security is paramount. We work closely with them to ensure they are 100% available and fully compliant. The next step will be ISO27001 which will add further peace of mind for shareholders and customers.”