Why Outsource Your IT?

No-one plans for a pandemic, not even highly regulated industries like finance. Feedback from the FCA was, how to adjust your business continuity plan for a pandemic. Simply, it was a surprise to everyone. A lot of organisations had to rely on the furlough scheme, or just make brutal cuts and redundancies. 

Hindsight is a great thing, so how could outsourcing your IT support help?

One of our clients were in a growth period when COVID-19 hit, and this, combined with an extreme drop in the global oil prices required some adjustments to the business.

Instead of having a large IT department overhead to manage, make tough redundancies and cut backs that would help to reduce overheads, but then increase the risk and exposure of the IT systems and security, they instead were able to just simply, within their contract, reduce the quantity of supported users, devices and drop the number of engineering services they were receiving.

Still safe, and secure, still supporting all the remaining team to a high standard, just chopping the budget to sustain the business.

Now, as with a lot of organisations, they are treading water and with an uncertain outlook, hoping that business will pickup again in the not too distant future.

“Since 2003, we have aligned our service delivery with our clients business needs. Our goal is your success, and we work to ensure that not only the right services are in place, but that they are able to be scaled down, and scaled up at the right time. This is what is so rewarding about working with our clients!” said the MD of Reflective IT.

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