Data Recovery

Data Recovery: Are your critical systems and data backed up? Have your backups been tested? Do you have a copy of your critical data off site

You need to understand the cost of downtime to your business

Data Recovery & Our Managed backup solution provides our clients with a fully outsourced service that is implemented and managed with little or no interaction. As your outsourced IT department, we take care of this fundamental service which is critical to the operational and regulatory obligations of all businesses.



Your data and systems are protected against crypto viruses, accidental deletion, malicious intent, hardware and software failures and unforeseen outages.

Automated Offsite backups

Cloud to Cloud backups; Office 365, Google apps
Encrypted 256bit AES
No client interaction required
All of our managed backup services come with a monthly validation test and report to provide the management team assurance that the backups are fully functioning. There is an option to be provide a full server disaster recovery report to provide you with a detailed analysis on the length of time to restore your backed-up servers from scratch in the event of a disaster.
If you are not able to answer any of the questions above, then you need to get in touch to have your IT systems correctly managed.


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