GDPR Compliance Guide for New Remote Workers

We know these can be confusing moments and when it comes to GDPR compliance you may be thinking ‘what should I be doing?’ – We understand this worry and so over the last few weeks have worked to pull together a guide by our expert team on what we see are the essentials to come out of this feeling empowered on your journey to compliance. We also have a full blog on the subject here, for more help on the matter.

This guide has been designed to give you a feel for some of the key components in implementing a framework and best practice controls in your organisation that will assist you on your way to a level of compliance with GDPR. As we said there is no catches to this guide – but if you feel you would like to mention us on your socials please feel free! Links below:

This is an evolving pack, so if you have any feedback or additional items you think would be beneficial to add, then please do let us know and we will reissue an updated version.

Our promise and offer to you:

We understand it can be overwhelming to do all these yourself – so if you need any support during this period or ongoing, give us a call. Whatever your IT or compliance issue, we will endeavour to help in any way we can. From FREE strategy calls to cost base analysis of a move to cloud software.

Feel free to ring us now on 0207 317 4535 or email us and let’s chat about how we could help you!

-Reflective Team

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