The Culture of Grumbling

When a physical product is the purpose of a transaction it’s very simple to measure success – either the customer is happy with the product, or they are not. When the transaction is for a service it can be harder to measure in such a linear way – so establishing customer satisfaction is more of a challenge. 

It’s a challenge we are constantly aware of, and working to exceed the expectations of our customers, with their happiness and success at the forefront of every choice we make and every response we can give, means that we consistently maintain a 98% customer happiness rating. 

We don’t take this excellent standard for granted – we simply use it as inspiration for continued commitment and growth so that we can maintain the standard of care our clients have come to expect from us and improve our services at every available opportunity. 

We are proud of that 98% customer happiness rating – but we know that the 2% is where we can see the biggest potential for improvement, expertise and success – because that’s where we get our drive to do, be and perform better. 

It’s only by understanding the customer that we can identify areas that we can improve – and identifying those areas is the best way to ensure that our customers remain happy, but also to ensure that our services are constantly evolving, adapting, improving. 

The industry is never stagnant – and the needs of clients never plateau; IT technology is the biggest growing and fastest changing industry on the planet – and delivering the best service means that we can never take our finger off the pulse of those changes.

If your customers approach you with a complaint, it’s easy to feel defensive – and to react emotionally to criticism. But that isn’t helpful for your relationship with that customer, or for the future of your business. Reframing ‘complaints’ as ‘feedback’ means that you can turn the event into a learning point, and a baseline to improve your offerings from. 

We are always striving for that 100%; for perfection in our service delivery and support. This means that customer complaints (though, thankfully, rare) receive immediate attention – and we use complaints as an opportunity to improve and reflect. 

Customer satisfaction is key, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not allowed to grumble as long as that grumbling is managed. Call today on 0207 317 4535 to discuss your IT support requirements; we know we can deliver what you need. 

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