Tech Overload Stress

With the world of working changing so rapidly, and technology developing at a rate that leaves you breathless many of us spend our day switching between different methods of communication, varied devices and accessing a range of apps that claim to streamline our efficiency and make life more organised. 

The trouble is, when there’s so many of these tools and apps, are we wasting more time trying to be efficient than we actually save by using them?! Trying to embrace every single tool that claims to make life easier is actually overloading us, stressing us out and leading to digital burnout – and with so many workers needing to use more of these tools to work from home as lockdown continues are we actually making life harder than it should be?  

Statistics show that employees – whether they’re working from home or in the office – are using an average of four communication apps each day, simply to keep on top of their regular work. 20% are using six or more – which can make tracking communication for any project a muddle. Two thirds of employees are spending the equivalent of 32 working days per year just navigating between these varied apps – meaning that vital aspects of information and project details are getting lost in the noise. 

Though these tools are promoted as a way to streamline and improve communication, it turns out that 70% of those employees agree that the sheer volume and variety of communications is actually getting in the way of their work and making it harder to complete tasks – especially when moving between different platforms and losing the productivity and train of thought that was keeping work flowing. 

As an employer, your organisation needs to listen to the needs of your teams and focus on simplifying information and communications – quiet the noise and remove the distractions, and let your people tell you what they actually need, rather than jumping into every exciting new trend.  

We know that 90% of UK employees do believe that technology will change their lives and work for the better – but without adequate training and forethought, this change is just overwhelming – and 20% of those same workers feel like the changes are happening faster than they can keep up with and want more support from employers to understand the benefits of the tools and how to use them to best improve efficiency.  

The best source of this support, advice and training comes from experts in the field of tech, and those who are on the inside of an industry that’s growing, evolving and changing at lightning pace.  

Reflective IT not only provide industry leading IT support, infrastructure and managed IT services, we also support our clients in creating effective, efficient and usable systems, embracing and making best use of the right tools and apps, meaning that your team can communicate effectively, that your data and information are processed, stored and accessible in a user-friendly way, and that everyone understands and is trained in the tools that you’re using, without the noise, distraction and overwhelming excess of options being thrown at you. 

We take huge pride in the experience and expertise of the team we’ve built, and the feedback from our customers and partners is overwhelmingly positive; Reflective IT ease the burden of tech through communication solutions, desktop and server support and IT consultancy, and we can guide you through the process of identifying your specific needs and building a tailored solution that doesn’t give you everything – just everything you need.  

Call our team today on 0207 317 4535 to chat to an expert.  

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