Spotlight on James Ison-Stierer

James Ison-Stierer  is a shining example of career progression  at Reflective IT Solutions. Joining the company in 2005, James has progressed to his current role as Senior Projects and Implementation Engineer, find out more about his journey…

How did you begin at Reflective IT ?
I actually began at Reflective IT around 2005 when it had only been in business for a couple of years! After a couple of years, my wife’s job with Adidas took us to Germany. We returned in 2011 and knowing Dave from church he asked if I wanted to come back – I’ve been here ever since!  We’ve shared a lot of life together including playing in a band!

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the last 11 years?
It’s probably the size of the office! We started out in a broom cupboard which was very cosy. For the business, going for ISO9001 really got us to nail down processes and procedures.  The rise of the Cloud has changed the way we provide services and support them too, having almost all of our clients on Office 365 means they can always get the latest technology which provides us the opportunity to constantly learn new things.

What’s been your proudest achievement at Reflective IT?
This is a difficult one to highlight something which relates to work exactly, but I’d probably say the building and shaping of my character and confidence which Reflective has been key, in and out of work.

What do you enjoy most about working at Reflective IT?
Although our clients are right up there, David and Debs have always put their employees first.  They really do look after us and it’s a blessing to work and be friends with them for so long.

James Ison-Stierer and his family.

How has working for Reflective IT helped you in your career development?
With our various clients it has allowed me to develop technically in different areas.  When we started moving to Office 365, I was tasked with our very first migration from an on-premise server. I was allowed the freedom to take ownership, knowing that it’s ok to get things wrong if we can learn from them.  Reflective IT have always been confident in my ability and have supported me when I felt delf doubt!

What’s on your wish list for the next 11 years ?
I’d love to see the business continue to expand and to see abundant fruit from seeds of knowledge and care planted in each member of the team.

Here’s what Company Director David Hartup had to say..

“James is a safe pair of hands. Not only does he have years of experience behind him, but he also is the kind of person that you can trust to not only get the job done, but do it to an extremely high standard. He has a magical ability to be able to work out almost any technical issue, but also understand well new technologies and services whilst having the customers back from a business and financial perspective.

His work ethic is second to none, and he embodies and lives our values – integrity, honesty and commitment.

He carries all these attributes into his DIY work at home, his life as a dad, and his crazy Synth/Studio setup at home and pulls out some incredible tunes!!”

Thank you to James for giving us a glimpse of life at Reflective IT , look out for more spotlights on other members of the Reflective IT Team on our blog soon!

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