The Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Support in the Age of Cyber Attacks

With organisations across a variety of industries and sectors finding themselves targeted by cyber criminals, building the strongest defences is now rightly a priority. And to enjoy the very best results, looking to a third party and outsourcing this essential IT support can be the ideal solution.

A Growing Problem

In the UK alone, cyber attacks are increasingly prevalent, with Government figures showing that in 2022, 39% of organisations were the victims of such crimes [1]. Perhaps more worrying still, within this affected group, 31% of businesses and 26% of charities found themselves targeted on a weekly basis.

The cost of failing to keep up with the latest cyber defence protocols is also significant, with statistics showing an average cost across organisations of close to £1M [2]. In addition to the revenue lost from the attack itself, including loss of revenue caused by disruption to essential business operations, organisations that have data stolen can also face substantial fines if they are found not to have implemented the highest levels of “cyber hygiene.”

The Benefits Of Outsourcing

Little wonder, then, that outsourcing cyber security can be an attractive option for many organisations. Doing so brings a host of advantages and can come in at a lower price point than an in-house IT security team. This is down to the “economy of scale” that large MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) can deliver. This competitive price will often include 24/7 response to incidents, too.

Furthermore, it is usually quicker to see the benefits, as MSSP teams are more experienced in this field, with access to established technologies with the most advanced capabilities. Your outsourced IT support will have the know-how to quickly establish the right security strategy for your business’s needs and rapidly implement it. You can also enjoy the stability of service that comes from using an MSSP. Compare this to the disruption that can occur when a new CISO takes the helm at your organisation every few years.

Better Performance

Another key benefit of choosing an outsourced security service is that you will benefit from the most advanced threat detection capabilities. That’s because dedicated firms have access to larger data sets, allowing them to identify the latest emerging cyber threats – and put the right defences in place to counter them. Since they are larger, specialised security organisations, an MSSP will be able to attract and retain the finest talent for their teams, in addition to working with the software providers at the cutting edge of cyber defence applications. In turn, this means that even small to medium sized businesses can benefit from this unbeatable standard of protection when they outsource their IT support to a specialist of this type.

As cyber security experts, your MSSP will also have in-depth knowledge and understanding of crucial data protection regulations. They will ensure your compliance with such standards and keep it fully documented. This mitigates the risk of fines for failing to follow best practice data management.

Find Your Ideal Solution

It’s clear that building a robust IT security protocol is essential for any modern organisation. And for those without the means of establishing the high levels of security they need with their existing teams, outsourcing provides the optimum solution. By partnering with the experts at Reflective IT, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your organisation has all of its security bases covered, allowing you to focus on running your business instead.

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