Have you considered DSE assessments for your remote workers?

DSE assessments are essential for staff health and well being – it’s often something people overlook, especially now during the Coronavirus Pandemic where working from home was an essential almost overnight.

David Hartup – MD, Reflective IT

In these uncharted times we have found lots of clients suddenly adapting to a new world of working remotely. Which for many brings new challenges. Home offices are generally less likely to have been assessed, so may present a higher risk to long term health and wellbeing. Also it’s important to emphasise that sitting on the couch or in bed is not an acceptable place to work for any extended period.

Why are DSE assessments important?

  • Legal requirement for teams over 5, under 1992 DSE Health and Safety Regulations
  • It is recommended that new assessments are carried out with changes to working environments
  • Help reduce stress on staff originating from poor set up of display screen equipment
  • Help workers be at their most efficient with a comfortable working environment
  • Reduces ongoing admin of sickness or health related issues relating to DSE

The DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments were put in place under the 1992 DSE Health and Safety Regulations – meaning all teams of 5 or more should be regularly assessed.  

The assessments are designed to review the risks associated with the use of display equipment and make any recommendations to improve the work environment. This can help keep staff morale up and reduce any absence in relation to display equipment usage.

Some of the most common issues people experience include; posture related stress in the upper body and neck, aches and pains from prolonged use and tiredness or eye strain.

How should I adapt in the Coronavirus pandemic?

We understand that that this can be seen as another administrative task – which given current circumstances could be easily overlooked. But we are strongly recommending everyone considers their DSE assessments.

Everyone is adapting to new circumstances and it is key to show your team that you are mindful of this and willing to support them in their new working environment. Assessments can be done remotely by your team or you can utilise a video platform such as Teams or Zoom to carry out the assessment as required.


Like many IT support companies, we offer the administration of this to many of our clients, but should you be doing this manually we have included a handy link below to the form we utilise – which you could adapt for your own team.


More information can also be found on the Government website: https://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/dse/

There is also a free leaflet explaining more which can be accessed here:


Next Steps

So in conclusion, it is key to not lose the focus on your team’s health and safety, including DSE usage. Review where you need to complete new assessments and get these carried out remotely or via video where necessary.

In addition, order any necessary equipment to resolve issues and make remote working as efficient as it can be.

Here at Reflective IT, we have access to stock that can still be dispatched, or you can order equipment with stockists such as Amazon, who are still operational.

Remember the long-term, you want your staff to return as happy and healthy as possible.

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