COVID-19 Impacts Our Lives – But Not Our Service

As we progress through one of the most challenging and peculiar years of our lives the impact of COVID-19 on working practices continues to shape our professional lives and roles. 

Many areas of the country continue to lift restrictions on movement and shared spaces, but as we return to office based work and a more familiar routine we also know that life is never going to return to the ‘normal’ we knew before. So much has changed, and many of those changes will remain in place. One change in particular is the number of people working from home. 

As the spread of COVID-19 forced us to close offices and quickly set up networks for wide-spread working teams, connecting virtually and making use of technology to communicate effectively, IT support professionals were seeing a huge increase in service tickets as businesses throughout the country sought support to get their systems up and running for home offices, so that they could continue to work and meet their own customers’ needs. 

The impact on IT support professionals was enormous – and we worked hard to ensure that we were maintaining the same standard of professionalism and care for every ticket raised and every customer request as we had achieved before the pandemic, despite seeing an increase of over 150% on the number of enquiries and support requests we would ordinarily receive. 

A vital metric in the IT support industry is the SLA (the Service Level Agreement) which sets out the standard of attention, care and support that we offer to our customers and partners. This is the measure to which we hold ourselves accountable – meeting and surpassing the goals of our clients and solving any IT issues or complaints quickly, effectively and professionally. 

With businesses nationwide forced to adapt so suddenly and quickly to working from home, setting up functional and efficient networks and digital systems in less than ideal situations, and meeting the enormous demand for rapid support, we were facing the biggest challenge of our professional lives, ensuring that we could help to meet that need at the same standard we took such pride in before the impact of COVID-19 reshaped our working lives. 

Throughout this process not only were the customers we were helping having to adapt to home working and virtual communications, our own team were facing those same challenges, and supporting customers from within their own home offices as the pandemic forced us to adapt in the same ways.

Though we have long prided ourselves on the standard of delivery and commitment our award winning team achieve regularly, we are incredibly proud of the way our team have adapted and maintained that level of professionalism and care despite the challenges we have faced. We have continued to deliver high-end IT support to all of our customers and partners and know that we have had a significant impact on their ability to perform and meet their own customers’ needs efficiently throughout the pandemic. 

If you need IT support that you can trust, even when the world changes dramatically and global events reshape the needs of your business, you can rely on us. 

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