Should You Google Your IT Issues?

We’ve all been guilty of having a quick check with Doctor Google when we have a sore throat, and convincing ourselves that we might have some dreaded terminal illness; we know it’s not helpful, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. And your GP will always tell you to avoid it when they have the experience and expertise to diagnose the minor illness you actually have and give you some medicine to fix it right away, without damaging side effects!

As IT support specialists, we see people doing exactly the same thing with their IT issues. Any IT problems that get flagged often see the in-house “tech expert” (or the hypochondriac roommate?!) determined to fix things themselves and asking Doctor Google for a fix. 

The trouble with that approach is that Google is a vast desert of imperfect advice from in-expert people and they aren’t going to have all of the information needed to identify the precise cause, or solution, for your set up. 

Online safety can also get a little loose around the edges, so if you’re digging into some technical issues and areas that you have little experience in, you may cause more problems than you solve or open your system to the risk of invasion from viruses or hackers who can access private data. 

The benefits of outsourcing your IT support requirements to professionals are efficient, effective responsive and secure management of networks, data, software and hardware implementation without the risk of damage or accidental mismanagement. 

In other words, we are the GP for your IT system. We have the experience and knowledge to identify issues quickly and effectively and we can repair and replace any software and hardware that you need to maintain your system with no long-term impact on service or delivery and keep your data secure. 

We take the appropriate safety measures to protect your network and devices and identify the cause of any issues, which we then rectify so that you can access your system and continue with your work as quickly as possible. Our commitment to service and security is paramount and we treat your data and support with the utmost respect and confidentiality and take pride in maintaining a high standard of care and quick responses for every ticket raised. 

Though there are some areas of IT maintenance that many people can manage for themselves, we find that it’s best to trust to experts so that any small changes don’t impact the wider system and to bring in professionals for any IT support requirements. Google may help you to find some answers, but it can’t see the bigger picture or understand the wider network and systems that you’re using. It can’t pinpoint specific faults or source solutions that will meet your specific needs – and making changes or following steps when you aren’t completely sure what you’re doing could end up causing more problems in the long run.

Trust us; we know what we are doing – and your system is safe in our hands. Call us on 0207 317 4535. to find out more about the support packages we offer and how we can take the worry off your hands and ensure that your IT systems never let you down.

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