SIEM, SOAR, EDR, XDR – Why should I care?

When it comes to the topic of cybersecurity, there certainly isn’t a shortage of buzzwords to get your head around. Some of the latest terms on the lips of security professionals are SIEM, SOAR, EDR and XDR. Rather than seeing them as just more technology jargon, getting to understand what these innovations mean can bring tangible, powerful benefits to your organisation in the fight against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Understanding the terms

SIEM, which stands for Security Information and Event Management, is a software toolkit which provides a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s cybersecurity. This software solution delivers real-time visibility of the network security, logging and management of suspicious activity across IT systems, and provides automatic notifications in the event of threatening activity being detected. Highly intelligent software, SIEM can also use the data it gathers from event logs and other sources to find new insights into threat patterns.

EDR is the abbreviation for Endpoint Detection and Response, a software solution that protects networks by detecting and responding automatically to threats received via endpoint devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This is a particularly crucial defence given the increasing prevalence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote working, and can be run in-house or as a cloud-based solution. You can read our latest blogs around the subject of EDR here.

More than just another type of software product, SOAR, or Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, is the name given to a defensive platform which comprises a number of compatible security software solutions. The result is an autonomous security strategy that increases the efficiency of both digital and staff responses to any cyber threats. A SOAR platform collects data on threats, and automatically takes the action required to mitigate the risk, using APIs and other software integrations. A SOAR set-up may include SIEM and EDR products, along with vulnerability scanners, firewalls and end-user behaviour analytics.

XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, delivers a comprehensive defence against cyber-attacks, misuse of systems as well as unauthorised access, by eliminating siloed security protocols. Instead, this innovative solution harnesses the power of the cloud to proactively find and deal with cyber threats, right across the organisation. Built on the success of EDR, XDR essentially delivers what can be achieved with SIEM or SOAR, but with the advantages of increased automation as well as intelligent insights to better handle sophisticated attacks.

Why should I care and what does it mean for my business?

Ultimately, taking advantage of the protection offered by these cutting-edge software solutions is the most effective means available of guarding against network breaches, which can prove catastrophic to organisations in both financial and reputational terms.

Indeed, the chances are that if you do not deploy these solutions, your business’s cyber defences are missing a considerable trick. The traditional methods of security often require responsive action across multiple security controls in the event of a network breach. Furthermore, while attempting to shut down an in-progress attack, security analysts often need to work together with network admins, firewall admins, cloud security teams, and endpoint teams. SOAR tools attempt to automate this process, but utilising XDR technology is best, in order to not only get ahead of the cyber criminals by adopting a proactive approach to security, but also to improve the efficiency of any response required. Yet too many organisations are deterred by the practicalities of building and then maintaining a complicated EDR/SIEM/SOAR stack. Security teams are confronted with too many tools, too many policy configurations, and too many consoles, to be able to succeed in managing these advanced protections efficiently.

Get the best results with expert help

The solution can be found by reaching out to experts in such systems, who can deliver the ideal managed security service your organisation needs. At Reflective IT, our team of specialists can create the perfect tailored stack of security solutions and maintain them for you. We have knowledge and experience of an extensive range of security products and can advise and guide you in this matter. Why not get in touch today, on 0207 317 4535 and discover how we can transform your organisation’s cybersecurity?

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