The best EDR solutions for small businesses in 2022

The threat of a data breach or hacking attack has never been greater, with a number of high-profile attacks making the news in recent years. Worryingly, the cybercriminals behind these events are no longer simply targeting big corporations; instead, it is becoming increasingly clear that any organisation can become a victim, which means that developing robust cybersecurity protocols should be a top priority for all small businesses in 2022. Happily, the latest innovations in this field, EDR solutions, offer the advanced protection that is needed for today’s threat landscape.

What are EDR solutions?

Endpoint detection and response solutions act in several key areas of cyber-defence: monitoring and acquiring data relating to endpoints that could show signs of a threat being present, analysing this information to identify any patterns, automatically dealing with the emerging threats, and notifying the appropriate member of staff.

This advanced technology also features forensic analysis tools that enable the software to actively search for suspicious patterns. Modern businesses rely on a wide variety of endpoints, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, so effectively protecting all these devices is no small task. The high level of automation used by the technology also ensures that all threats are identified and dealt with quickly, making this software solution the perfect aid to cybersecurity professionals looking to uphold the highest levels of network security.

Choosing the right product

There are plenty of these software solutions to choose from, with offerings from both major players such as Microsoft, Bitdefender and Kaspersky through to products from lesser-known names such as Infocyte and Cybereason. Choosing which solution is best for protecting the endpoints of your own small business will come down to a number of factors, such as the prevalence of mobile devices being used, whether your workplace supports remote working, and your budget.

A small business looking for a cheap yet effective solution might opt for Infocyte’s offering, whilst Microsoft’s cloud-based product, Microsoft Defender, offers a comprehensive package of security protocols, including mobile threat defence, and has gained top scores in industry tests for its anti-malware capabilities. It makes sense to explore the available options before signing up.

A managed IT solution

One way to ensure your small business benefits from the most effective cybersecurity measures is to opt for a managed IT service, which can include an EDR solution.

Here at Reflective IT, we are vendors of the industry-leading Microsoft Defender and the 365 Ecosystem. This means you can be confident of receiving the most advanced technology available. Our expertise enables us to deliver a fully-managed suite of cybersecurity products tailored to your business’s needs; what’s more, we can provide advice and support whenever you need it. Discover how we can help to protect your organisation in 2022 by getting in touch with Reflective IT today on 0207 317 4535; alternatively, you can visit our website to find out more:

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