Get To Know Our Latest Client ‘The Great Reserve’

Learn more about the our new client in this Q&A with Henry Emson The Founder of The Great Reserve to find out about heir amazing cause!

1.           Tell us a bit about “The Great Reserve” and how it came about?

Concerned about the global climate crisis and the scale of the action needed I wanted to offer to plant Sequoia trees to others, to become part of the solution rather than the problem.

2.           What is your vision and where do you see the great reserve in the next 5 years?

Plant 100,000 Giant Sequoias in the UK to protect the future of the species and capture a lot of carbon!

3.           What challenges are you hoping Technology will overcome?

Tracking the growth and success of our trees / sequoia groves.

4.           How will working with the Reflective IT Team help you achieve your goals?

Reflective IT will help keep my systems safe, keep me focused on my job and not firefighting issues with IT. Keep me flexible and calm knowing that I am in good hands.

Welcome onboard!

We are excited to work with The Great Reserve, welcome onboard! Visit their website to learn more about their inspiring projects and support a great cause.

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