Spotlight on Mark Grafton

Mark has been a part of the Reflective family for 10 wonderful years. It’s far from over but we want to show our thanks by reflecting on his journey and celebrating!

How did you begin at Reflective IT?

“By walking through the front door of course… just kidding. I walked into Reflective IT with 10 years of experience in the MSP world. It was great to be able to bring all that knowledge and expertise from my previous jobs here, implementing improvements for our company’s success. It’s what I thrive on!”

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in IT over the last 10 years?

“I would say the adoption of the cloud. It was a bit of a buzzword for a few years 10 years ago, many people were sceptical about the idea that they could store their data in remote servers and have it accessible on demand. Fast forward to today where we live under a cloud of constant connectivity; everything from emails to business documents is stored remotely so you never need to worry about going paperless again!,

Businesses can really now see the benefits including the ability to budget for the IT with the monthly recurring service fee model, scaling up and down, etc” “I see the next biggest change being in the security area within IT. It’s already here to be honest and it shapes how customers run their IT with the constant new threats that are being imposed.”

What’s been your proudest achievement at Reflective?

“My proudest achievement at Reflective has to be our growth. Today the team is double in size and we’ve gained a significant number of new clients during this time period which has been exciting.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Reflective IT?

“There are a couple of standouts for me…. it is probably a bit of a cliché but in IT, on a day-to day basis, you never know what kind of challenges and opportunities will arise. It’s definitely an exciting position to be in when there is always something new around each corner! Additionally, I’m really glad that we have such great team members; People really do make a difference. The Reflective team truly make working here worthwhile and enjoyable. We’re like a family.”

Mark Grafton

How has Reflective helped you in your career journey?

“Reflective has helped me in my career journey by making sure that I am always developing new skills and refining old ones. Working with a diverse client base and team keeps me on my toes so there is no time for standing still. The fast pace has really tested my organisation skills and assisted me to develop my general management skills.”

What’s on your wish list for the next 10 years?

“More golf, more travel, more family time, more laughs! …and of course, the continued growth of our existing and new clients along with the growing of our team to support this.”

Here’s what Company Director David Hartup had to say…

“I first met Mark at a previous company we worked for where we were both technical consultants. We hit it off well and kept in touch whilst I left and started Reflective. So, when he was looking for a new opportunity we sat down, had a few drinks and he ran through all the exciting ideas he had to bring to the business. Mark is one of the most solid people I know, extremely reliable, consistent, methodical and considered. This is crucial when it comes to his role, juggling the whole engineering schedule to ensure that projects, pro-active and engineering visits are all fulfilled and clients’ expectations are managed.

Also putting together projects with multiple moving parts, communicating well and clearly and ensuring high standards are attained to. When we do get out of the office together, talking through business strategy and the high-level detail of how we can make the operation work not only better, but stand out from the crowd.

Mark obviously raises the bar in professionalism, conduct and standards, but he also brings the most experienced level of humour to the office environment. The constant tumbleweed and groans following the continued barrage of dad jokes, I can assure you, is unparalleled anywhere and for that Mark Grafton we are truly grateful. Celebrating 10 years of Mark working at Reflective alongside other long serving team members, he has been crucial to the success of the business and making the work environment a great place to be.”

Thank you to Mark for giving us a glimpse of life at Reflective IT, look out for more spotlights on other members of the Reflective IT Team on our blog soon! Why not get in touch today, on 0207 317 4535, or at [email protected], and discover how James and the Reflective IT Team can deliver your ideal fully managed IT services

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