The Five Biggest Cyber Threats To Your Business – You Will Be Surprised

When it comes to protecting your business, being aware of the potential dangers is key. Exposure can come from a wide variety of sources: competitor brands, volatile markets, and of course, criminal activity. When it comes to the world of cyber crime, there is no shortage of threats to be mindful of. Yet all too often, businesses are behind the times when it comes to the latest ways in which criminals are targeting their organisations. Read on to discover five of the most potent threats to your company right now.

One: Phishing Attempts

It may look like an email from a trusted company or organisation, but all too often, an email that asks you for personal information could have a more sinister origin. Known as “phishing” scams, these communications are intended to trick the recipient into sharing information, including financial or login details.

Two: RansomWare

A type of malware, this is software that cyber criminals install on a company’s network or systems in order to encrypt files and effectively hold the business to ransom. There will be no way to access your files or data, and the criminals will want payment in exchange for its release. There may also be the threat of permanently destroying your files and data if payment is not made by a specified deadline.

Three: DDoS Attacks

Short for “Distributed Denial of Service”, DDoS attacks are a devastating onslaught of internet traffic to an organisation’s website, which will almost invariably cause it to crash. As a result, the downtime will cause the company significant losses in terms of both revenue and customer experience. After all, if your website isn’t available, even your most loyal customers will probably take their business elsewhere.

Four: Malvertising

It may look like an innocuous online advert, but clicking on an example of malvertising will result in a harmful virus being set loose in your computer systems. These may often appear in the form of pop-ups on a webpage, so be on your guard.

Five: Insufficient Cyber Security

A major risk can come from your company’s own inaction. If there isn’t a robust cybersecurity protocol in place, your business will be continually at risk. Make sure that the appropriate anti-virus software and firewalls are in use, and that any updates and patches are promptly installed. Similar resilience must apply to the devices and networks used by any remote workers.

Protect Your Interests

Suffering a data breach or other cyber-attack can be ruinous for a business. In addition to the loss of revenue caused by system disruption and downtime, there can be fines imposed (and legal action taken) should it be deemed that you haven’t taken the appropriate steps to protect your data. Furthermore, reputational damage can linger after such an event, costing you even more in the long run.

When it comes to protecting your organisation, there is no substitution for training staff: after all, following safe cyber practices is everyone’s responsibility. There are also sophisticated software tools available to help defend your business, which can offer everything from phishing protection through to enabling you to quickly recover your files and systems in the event of a breach.

To be certain that you are doing everything you can to defend your business, it makes sense to team up with a cyber security expert. Here at Reflective IT, we can help you create the best protocols for safe online habits, as well as providing essential IT support services to keep your organisation running smoothly. Find out more today at

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